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DDay: Judgement (19.2F)
Filename: dday192f.rar

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3.31 MB
Dh- Neo

Average User Rating: 7.4
Number of Votes: 154
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DDay: Judgement (19.2F) - File Description  

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

Change is always for the better, and with this map...it just keeps getting better! Here is a new version to the popular DDay: Judgement map; The changes contained are numerous and are a great addition!

A complete list can be found in the readme. Enjoy!

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

DDay: Judgement (19.2F) - Screenshots  
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DDay: Judgement (19.2F) - File Download Options  

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DDay: Judgement (19.2F) - Readme  
Readme File:
-New Mode/Command , -tr (tournament)
-New Mode/Command , -ob (Observer)
-Renamed The Judge to Sargeras (The Judge)
-Fixed -nr mode removes repair abilities
and leaves building abilities
-Reduced Loading Speed to 40 seconds
-Added Spell Time Freeze (Garan)
-Added Spell Confusion (Diabolist)
-Added Spell Enflame (Blood Mage)
-Added Spell Stardom (Pit Lord)
-Added Spell Outraged Ferocity (St. Anger)
Which is same as Elemental Fury but deals
damage according to Strength Point
-Renamed Spell Chronosphere to Cyclic Obstruction
-Changed Soundset for Stealth (Hero)
-Removed claws Attack stun time
-Nerfed Claws Attack damage
-Nerfed Claws Attack Cast Range
-Nerfed All Metas to appropriate cooldown and duration
-Nerfed Stone Boulders Stun time
-Renamed Speed Aura to Haste Aura
-Modify Fire Lance Now Requires Atilla + Claws (4)
-Modify Ninja Strike has 2 levels Now
-Increased Sylvanas Windrunner's Start Damage
-Increased Death Knight's Attack speed slightly
-Increased Wand of the wind casting cooldown to 10 seconds
-Increased Wand of the wind price to 650 from 450
-Increased Xigfrid's Ogre Magi Stock to 3
-Increased Mimic Attack Speed
-Increased Snap Dragon Attack Speed
-Increased Angel Move Speed
-Increased Cyclic Obstruction Duration
-Increased Sleep Duration Slightly
-Increased Orcki attack speed Slightly
-Increased Mammoth Range to 170
-Increased Trapper Damage
-Increased Ambush Range
-Increased Pit Lord's spirit beasts Damage
-Increased Pit Lord's spirit beasts Armor
-Increased Mystical Lance damage +10
-Increased Fire Lance damage +10
-Increased Frost Lance damage +10
-Increased Wand of the Wind Cooldown to 8 Secs
-Increased Rest in Hell Mana Cost to 40
-Increased Elemental Fury Cooldown Slightly
-Increased Disease Aura Damage/Second
-Increased Dendroid King Start armor to 3
-Increased Dendrodeath Start Agility to 14
-Increased Orcki Start Agility to 16
-Increased Orcki Start Strength to 22
-Increased Meteor Fall Damage
-Increased Hell Fire Damage
-Increased Storm, Earth and Fire Elements Damage
-Increased Storm, Earth and Fire Elements HP
-Increased Storm, Earth and Fire Elements Bounty
-Increased Crypt Lord Tentacles Damage
-Increased Crypt Lord Tentacles Attack Speed
-Increased Crypt Lord Tentacles Range
-Increased Crypt Lord Tentacles Armor
-Increased Crypt Lord Tentacles HP
-Increased Hell Fire Elementals Damage
-Increased Hell Fire Elementals Attack Speed
-Increased Inferno Spell Summon Damage
-Increased Inferno Spell Stun Duration
-Increased Inferno Spell Summon Damage
-Increased Inferno (Summon) Damage
-Increased Inferno (Summon) Attack Speed
-Increased Inferno (Summon) Armor
-Increased Inferno (Summon) Bounty
-Increased Lord Garithos Attack speed
-Increased Thunder clap Damage Slightly
-Increased Ravage Cooldown slightly
-Increased Red Dragon Whelp Attack Speed
-Increased Red Dragon Whelp Damage
-Increased Fearie Dragon Attack Speed
-Increased Troll Batrider Attack Speed
-Increased Couatl Attack Speed
-Increased Couatl Damage
-Increased Chimaera Attack Speed
-Increased Chimaera Damage
-Increased Bloodfiend Damage
-Increased Hydralisk Movement Speed
-Increased Snap Dragon Damage
-Increased Snap Dragon Attack Speed
-Increased Snap Dragon Armor
-Increased Naga Royal Guard Damage
-Reduced Heart of Aszune Life bonus to 1000
-Reduced Heart of Aszune Mana bonus to 1000
-Reduced Meteor Fall Mana Cost
-Reduced Meteor Fall Duration
-Reduced Orcki Start Intelligence to 18
-Reduced Biodread start armor to 5
-Reduced Manual of Health price to 150
-Reduced Steal Soul Cooldown
-Buzzdook Copycat has 2 leves
-Buzzdook Copycats deal small % damage
-Buzzdook Copycat Hotkey to C
-Jaina's Duplicate Hotkey to P
-Stealth's Evade hotkey and Description
-Terminator's Evasion Reduced
-Balanced Critical Strike
-Balanced Critical Strike X
-Fixed Chain Lightning Description
-Fixed Maiev Shadowsong's Name
-Fixed Malfurion's name
-Fixed Dark Ranger's name
-Fixed Cannon (Holy) Description
-Fixed Cannon (Damned) Description
-Fixed Ambush Description
-Fixed Sword Master Hotkey to T
-Fixed Finger of Death Level Skip to 11
-Fixed RegenX now has Cooldown
-Fixed Blaster Description
-Fixed Blaster Hotkey to E
-Fixed Research icon for Spirit Link
-Fixed Nature Wraith Description
-Fixed Fury Cannot be Cast on Self
-Fixed Force Field Description
-Fixed Hell Fire Description
-Fixed Firebolt Description
-Fixed Inferno Spell Description
-Buffed Orcki Steal Soul (Casting Time)
-Buffed Vertigo (Casting Time)
-Buffed Frost Nova Slow Time
-Buffed Steal Soul Slow Time
-Hurl Boulder Learn Hotkey to R
-Stone Boulder Learn Hotkey to R
-Added Undead Classification to Black Dragon
-Added Undead Classification to Corrupted Treant
-Added Undead Classification to Corrupted Sasquatch
-Added Undead Classification to Goblin Sapper (Damned)

DDay: Judgement (19.2F) - User Comments  
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 #1 - fafa - 07-09-2007 at 19:19
Joined: July 9th, 2007
Posts: 1
fafa fsad fsdfadg

 #2 - 02-03-2008 at 19:22
Joined: February 3rd, 2008
Posts: 4
the files is awsome,i like it

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